Bachelor Thesis Log 0?

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July 13th, 2010

As some of you know, I've been in the unofficial preparation period for my bachelor thesis for some time now. The topic is fixed: “The Teachlet Concept: Limits and Possibilities of a Teaching Pattern for Software Design Discussions,” supervised by Axel Schmolitzky. Exactly my desired topic, even if it does not necessarily belong to the core area of computer science.

Soon I would like to register the thesis officially and start working on the content. With the background of what Muelli is doing on his blog at the moment, I had the idea that maybe apart from my supervisor more people might be interested in following the development of a bachelor thesis from the first draft to the final result.

In order to be able to estimate whether this is of interest to anyone at all (and if so, how many), I ask all interested parties to leave me a short comment here if you would like to read something like this, e.g. in the form of weekly updates.

Are you interested? (If not, I'll spare myself the work.) Feel free to leave wishes and feedback on the idea in the comments.


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