Bachelor Thesis Log 10

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September 10th, 2010

Today there is a report in between, because it is worthwhile again. There is the glossary that I wrote for the paper – where people who have no idea about teachlets can finally have their say again. There are also news from the study office about the master admission.


The following list of terms comes one-to-one from the current draft of my bachelor thesis. I'm putting it here in its entirety because it's not too long and because I hope you can point out problems to me. Are the terms explained well enough? Where are there still ambiguities? Are there any other terms that may have appeared here on the blog at some point that you would like an explanation of?

Admission to the Computer Science Master's Programme

All those who are affected have presumably already read the email: we are lucky this year after all and theoretically have time until April 1 to deliver everything. Not that I want to make excessive use of it… but at least that means that October 4 is unproblematic as a date for the presentation on the thesis and that I don't have to rush quite as much as I feared. So: Keep Oct 4 free if you want to listen to the presentation.

By the way: yesterday I received the copy of the registration of the thesis with the signature of the chairman of the examination board. Officially, I have time until December 6. But don't worry, I'll be done by early/mid October at the latest.

Chapter Status

Actually, I was planning to spare you with a new outline, since only a few new subchapters have been added. But then I thought it might be exciting to get an overview of written and pending chapters. So here comes another current outline, in which the chapters still to be written are shown in bold.

  1. Introduction
    • Goals of this thesis
  2. The teachlet concept
    • Definitions
    • Delimitation from similar methods
  3. Prior teachlet practice
    • Reports from moderators
  4. Definition
    • The original definition and its limitations
    • Updated definition
  5. Limits and possibilities
    • The average teachlet
    • Exclusion criteria and limits (in progress)
    • Cariants and possibilities
  6. Conclusion
    • Future

As you can see, it's going quite well. Look forward to the interview reports on Tuesday!


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