Bachelor Thesis Log 12

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September 21st, 2010

It's Tuesday and there's a whole bunch of news related to my planning for the next weeks. In terms of new content, there is not so much to read this week. Short status update: chapter 5 is almost completely finished, chapters 3 and 6 (both not very difficult) and references to similar methods are still missing. So as not to bore you with unnecessary details, here comes the roadmap for the home stretch.

Timeline for the Upcoming Weeks

Today is September 21.

Feedback Week

During the first week of October, I would like it if iteration 1 of my thesis could get into the hands of people already. My very selfish motivation for this is that I hope to get some feedback. However, that doesn't mean that I'll only release the text to people who promise to give me feedback. Would you like to have a look at my bachelor thesis before I hand it in? It's not binding and I won't be breathing down your neck with feedback requests, I promise. We just agree that you let me know if you notice anything that I can improve. Deal? If so, get back to me.

Why do I do the feedback round with Axel only at the very end and in isolation? Well, because Axel wanted it that way. He thinks it's the usual way for supervisor feedback, and I don't feel strongly either way.

Colloquium Lecture on Oct 4 at 5:30 PM

On October 4 (which is a Monday, the second to last one before lectures start and thus the last one before the OE week) at 5:30 PM my colloquium lecture will take place, which accounts for 10% of my bachelor thesis grade. I will try to present the content of my thesis within 30 minutes. This will be followed by a Q&A period, where I want to face the questions of the academic establishment and prove that my topic is not nonsense. I would like to cordially invite you to this! This is the opportunity to finally ask me all those questions about teachlets that have been piling up for you. Of course, I'm also happy to reflect with you on the process of writing or the method of these blog posts. But you can also just come along, listen, and eat cookies.

If you want to come to my colloquium talk, let me know as soon as possible! (!!!) This is really important because I'm only expecting an audience size of 4 people so far. So let me know if you're coming so I can make sure the room has enough seats! Also, I do need to know approximately how many cookies to bring. So don't be shy. Best write me a comment right here on this post. I'm up for a bit of a crowd.

By the way, there are two colloquium talks by fellow students right before. I don't know if they want to have more people there, so I don't want to advertise directly.


I think the message for this week is clear, right? Come to my presentation and bring your friends. Next Tuesday, I'll have a report from the last big writing marathon. See you then!


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