Bachelor Thesis Log 18

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November 3rd, 2010

This report comes a little later than planned, because I was on the road for quite a long time last night. As already suspected last week, there is not very much to talk about. Due to other commitments, nothing has happened for my thesis since last Tuesday, so today there is only the report on the repeat presentation yesterday.

Presentation in the Oberseminar

The repeat of my colloquium talk went over well. With one or two new slides in my luggage, I was able to comfortably fill the 90 minutes with a 30-minute talk thanks to the SWT staff's eagerness to discuss. No new insights worth mentioning came out of it for me, but I had the impression that I was able to give some people a good understanding of teachlets – even if the presentation was certainly not perfect.

The place was relatively full, although I had advertised much less this time. You do notice that the date is more accessible when it is not in the lecture-free period. By the way: maybe there will be one or two sentences to read from the audience's perspective on Tien's blog in the next few days.

All in all, I found the presentation successful and, despite the fact that it was voluntary, I do not regret having taken some time for it.

That's All Folks

I'm quite certain next week there will be new results for the actual thesis again. Despite more upcoming lectures I should have a bit more time for it from now on than until yesterday. See you!


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