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May 6th, 2011

There is once again a reason to look forward to the KBS – because next Tuesday, May 10, 2011 there will be two celebrity speakers. Two members of farbrausch will talk about their work environment and their craft.

Who or what is farbrausch?

Screenshot from fr-041: debris.
fr-041: debris.

This is farbrausch.

Screenshot from fr-025: the.popular.demo
fr-025: the.popular.demo

This too.

Screenshot from fr-081: .frOzen.
fr-081: .frOzen

And this too.

Farbrausch is a demo group, one of the best known ones. That is, they are pretty much the world's foremost experts in efficient real-time 3D programming, often with procedurally generated assets. The demos can be downloaded and run on your own PC – from a binary of a few MB or even KB in size, a real visual firework is created on the screen, accompanied by atmospheric music.

I'm really looking forward to Tuesday and am very excited! If you are interested in computer graphics, media art or related fields, I hope to see you at the KBS on Tuesday!

  1. Watch debris, rove or another good farbrausch demo!
  2. Come to the KBS on Tuesday (5pm, C-221 at the Informatikum)!
  3. Spread the word!


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