Photo Shooting with Flo

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January 21st, 2011

Last week (after it took us quite a while to find a date) Flo (and spontaneously Rolf) and I put our heads together with the goal of taking some good photos for my website and other online activities.

I don't need to add much to Flo's report, he already explained the photographer's perspective there in detail and still understandably for me as a layman.

I think it's great of Flo that he accepted the idea so openly. I wouldn't have dared to hope that such a great shooting would come out of it when I approached him back then: “Hey, do you possibly have time and feel like taking some portrait photos of me, or can you recommend another photographer?” – Flo (together with Rolf) conjured great results out of the situation, for which I would like to thank him again!

For me, as someone who defines himself mainly in terms of intellectual achievements, it was a strange experience to have my own appearance put in the spotlight like that. I may not be as camera shy as some other people (who reflexively turn away at the sight of a lens), but spending several hours posing and smiling was ultimately quite exhausting. Fortunately, it was a lot of fun with Flo and Rolf throughout, even if I was really tired afterwards. I would definitely recommend Team Letsch & Boomgarden.

The results can now be found on my hard drive as well as on Flo's blog. I'll have to see what exactly I'll do with them. First of all there's a randomly chosen picture of me on the main page. Let's see what else I can think of…


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