Game Review: Anodyne

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May 10th, 2013

Anodyne game splash image, showing the game title hovering over a painterly landscape centered around a small river flowing through a meadow in a mountain valley

Mechanically, Anodyne is heavily inspired by the older Zelda titles, though the atmosphere is very different and unique, possibly evoking Earthbound more than anything else. It feels like a dream that you want to get lost in, even though on some level you know there's something not quite right. The pixel graphics convey a lot of atmosphere, but more hidden mastery lies with the soundtrack: the eerieness of Anodyne's world echoes in your head like a random feverish thought that you just can't shake. If you grew up on the SNES/GB era Zelda titles, this is a must-play. If not, it's still really good.


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