Bachelor Thesis Log 17

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October 26th, 2010

Hello and welcome to a new weekly report. Today I'll tell you about my conversation with Axel about the possibilities to improve the thesis even more. Contrary to my previous plans, a couple of points that are not quite easy have come up that will need a lot of attention. In addition, there will be a repeat of the announcement regarding the repetition of my presentation.

New Goals

On Friday I was able to sit down with Axel. He took some time to repeatedly assure me that he thinks the work is already very successful without any reservations. Nevertheless, there are still a few things that are not perfect:

The rest were a few minor points on individual wordings.

So now I still have something to do – to have only small corrections was probably too much to hope for. Of course I could hand in the work in its current form without it costing me my degree, but I don't like to do half-baked things. That's why I'll probably put some time into it and produce a few added pages of text. I still have a little more than a month.

But I'm not committing to a detailed time schedule now. I haven't really found my rhythm for the new semester yet and I can't say when there will be good time slots in my typical week. I don't have too much time left, so the urgency alone dictates that I will now take care of it in my available free time.

Bachelor Thesis Presentation

Next Tuesday in the SWT Oberseminar (November 2nd, 4 pm, D-220) I will present my work a second time. Anyone who missed the first presentation or who would like to see a slightly extended version is welcome to attend. The idea of a short demo teachlet was considered, but I decided against it due to lack of preparation time. Instead, I'll give the usual talk and go into a few individual aspects in more detail that were missed last time due to the 30 minute limit. After all, this lecture is voluntary and ungraded, and I have to set priorities somewhere.

So: I hope to see you next Tuesday in D-220!


I can't say yet how much progress I'll make by Tuesday because of an upcoming weekend course. I don't expect much progress until then. It depends a bit on the course of tomorrow, how well I can manage my other tasks and if there is still some time left for the bachelor thesis. In any case, there will be an entry here next Tuesday. See you then!


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